Delhi zoo prepares to beat the heat with coolers, fans

New Delhi: To help inmates beat the heat, the Delhi zoo has installed water sprinklers, desert coolers and fans, and is providing them sweet dishes like sugar-free kheer.

“As part of the zoo’s summer plans, water sprinklers, fans and coolers have been installed in the animal enclosures.

Ponds are being filled with water. Pressure pumps are being used to bathe big animals like elephants, tigers and lions,” an official at the National Zoological Park said.

He said the meat intake of carnivorous animals like tigers, panthers, jaguars and lions is reduced by 1-2 kg during summers.

“Altering the food plan is also part of the summer action. For instance, seasonal fruits are given to prevent the inmates from infection. Climber plants are included in the diet of bears and monkeys. This time we will also provide sugar-free kheer (sweet dish),” he said.

Apart from the above measures, the animals are also given vitamin supplements or electro powder to beat dehydration.

Nets are used on the roofs of the enclosures to prevent them from harmful UV rays. Wooden platforms are also removed from the enclosures.

“As part of the summer leisure activities of animals, elephants take their dust baths and rhinoceros spend most of their time in the swimming pool at this time of the year,” the official said.

He added that a vaccination programme has been initiated for the inmates.