Delhi Zoo gets wolves, Sika deer from Jaipur

New Delhi, Sep 27 (PTI) Delhi Zoo has received a pair of wolves and Sika deer from the Jaipur Zoo, which welcomed a female white tiger from the national capital’s zoo.

“We have sent a female white tiger to Jaipur Zoo, while two male wolves and two female Sika deer are coming here from Jaipur,” Riyaz Khan, the zoo curator said.

“The female white tiger Rani is seven years-old. The feline is being sent for breeding,” he said.

The official said that more animals might be shifted or brought to the zoo, whose mates are not available here.

“We have a couple of animals, whose mates are not available here. For instance, we have two same gender rhinos, chimpanzees and hyena each. We are unable to breed them as their mates are missing. So more animals might be shifted or brought here in the future,” Khan said.

The curator said there is also a need for a female African elephant at the zoo.

“Shankar is the only male African elephant currently here. We are in search of a female African elephant so that Shankar does not feel lonely. But it is hard to get one, as there are very few African elephants available in the country,” he said.

Shankar was in the news recently for injuring a zoo staff, while the employee was trying to prevent him from clashing another elephant.