Delhi violence similar to Gujarat 2002, says Nawab Malik

Mumbai: Maharashtra Minister and NCP leader Nawab Malik, has said that the violence in Delhi is similar to what happened in Gujarat in 2002 and raised doubts about the role of the police.

Speaking to ANI, Malik said, “There is continuous violence in Delhi, the police are standing by the rioters, their role is doubtful. If such is the situation in the national capital then what can happen in the rest of the country. What is happening in 2020 in Delhi is looking similar to what happened in Gujarat in 2002. There is some kind of a model like the 2002 Gujarat model.”

“The question arises whether Home Minister Amit Shah has given any order not to take any action,” Malik alleged.

“If the government only remains a spectator then anarchy will spread in the country. Amit Shah will have to tell what message he wants to give to the country. I think there is political hand in disturbing the situation,” he added.

North-East Delhi has witnessed widespread violence between pro and anti CAA protestors causing the deaths of 20 people.