Delhi University: Dyal Singh College (Evening) renamed as ‘Vande Mataram College’

New Delhi: The administrative department of Delhi University’s Dyal Singh College on Saturday decided to rename its evening college as ‘Vande Mataram Mahavidyalaya’.
Yesterday a notification in this regard was issued and accepted after it was decided to turn Dyal Singh (evening) college into a full-fledged day college.
Speaking on the decision, the principal of Dyal Singh College, Pawan Sharma told ANI, “The name inspired millions during freedom struggle. It’ll also inspire students. There mustn’t be controversy on it. People opposing it haven’t understood it well. We’ll not reconsider it, it’s final”.
Sharma further added that they had to come up with a new and inspiring name.
Meanwhile, the National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) had come out strongly against the move stating that, “The governing body has renamed the evening college in a hasty manner to distract the students from actual questions of education governance.”
“They are also disgracing the legacy of Punjab’s first freedom fighter-Sardar Dyal Singh Manjithia,” NSUI said.
Earlier this year, the college had decided to turn Dyal Singh Evening into a regular shift college.
Some of the teachers and students had been dissatisfied with the proposal that the new regular shift college would continue to function in the same campus.
On July 20, Dyal Singh (morning) teachers had protested against the decision to change Dyal Singh Evening college into a day college without allocating it a separate campus.
A group of teachers and students had allegedly tried to disrupt a governing body meeting to be held that day. (ANI)