Delhi: Truck carrying cattle carcasses overturns at NH-24

NEW DELHI: A truck carrying cattle carcasses mostly cows, overturned in east Delhi’s Kalyanpuri on Thursday night.

According to media reports, the incident took place at around 11.40 pm when the truck on Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) duty carrying carcasses including of cows and buffaloes, was coming from Najafgarh side and was at National Highway 24.

The truck was transporting them to the ‘carcass utilisation and rendering plant’ when it overturned, around 30 carcasses tumbled out.

Several angry locals gathered sparking rumours that cattle smugglers were ferrying cows for illegal slaughter and livestock were killed in the accident.

According to police, a tyre burst is suspected to be the cause of accident following which the truck lost its balance and crashed.

“The truck was supposed to carry the carcasses, including of cows and buffaloes, to Ghazipur rendering plant where the dead animals are processed. Apparently, the vehicle’s tyre burst and it overturned. The carcasses then fell off the truck,” said the officer, reported The Hindu.

The truck driver, who has been identified, fled the scene immediately after the accident. Police registered a case of rash and negligent driving and the vehicle has been seized.