Delhi: Teenager who killed family members was lively with friends

New Delhi: The recently arrested teenage boy in South Delhi for murdering his parents and sister was, in reality, lively around his friends.

But this soft-spoken Suraj Verma aged 19 was shy and silent when around his neighbours, but brazen and lively with his friends and of all things that he hated the most was his father Mithilesh forcing him to study.

Suraj would never bring his friends home, nor speak about them to his parents but his sister Neha, somehow learned about his anti-social activities three years ago and which ended in Mithilesh punishing Suraj.

Suraj has also fled to Meerut with just Rs 200 to teach this father a lesson. But when he failed class XII, his father made him get enrolled for a diploma course in civil engineering so that he could join his business but Suraj was never interested in studying.

Things were still running fine until Suraj rented an apartment at Faridabad- Mehrauli with his friends to fulfill their addiction of drugs.

He used to leave home on the pretext of going to college and go to the apartment. “He used to come daily with liquor bottles and some friends and stay there till 5pm. They would never lock the door despite requests,” said Gautam Kumar, a security guard.

Suraj and his friends would contribute Rs 500 each to pay for the rent.

Suraj’s Neighbours recalling the period said Suraj’s father had stopped giving pocket money and fixed timings for Suraj to return home.

“Mithilesh would often rebuke Suraj in public if he failed to follow his instructions,” said Sudha Devi, a neighbour.

It was just a few weeks ago when his sister Neha showed Suraj’s girlfriend’s photo at a family function, Mithilesh had humiliated and thrashed him.

During the police interrogation, Suraj said his father wanted him to be an engineer and admitted him to a private school in Vasant Kunj after Class X in the science stream. “I never liked studying and bunked classes due to which I failed Class XII,” he told police.

The youth, now in custody, does not regret killing his family members. He also said his parents never treated him fairly and would always be partial towards his sister.