Delhi Shelter Board washes hands of slum demolition tragedy

New Delhi, Dec. 13 : The Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board (DUSIB) on Sunday washed its hands of the slum demolition tragedy, saying that it had no information of the demolition that took place yesterday in the Shakur Basti and added that no survey was done before carrying it out.

“We had no information of this demolition. The demolition was not carried out following rule of policy. The rule of the policy is to survey before demolition and those who have the right of rehabilitation will be rehabilitated. No survey was done before this demolition,” said CEO, (DUSIB) V.K. Jain.

He further said that the shelter board has drafted its policy on slum rehabilitation and shared with the Railway Ministry.

“The Railways had given Rs. 11 crore in 2003 for 4,400 slums, out of which 257 slums were relocated. There are more than 50,000 slums near railway tracks now and the people cannot be rehabilitated by Rs. 11 crore. We are ready to adjust Rs. 11 crore and its interest with whatever will be the cost of rehabilitation,” he added.

Jain also said that proper arrangements have been made for the slum dwellers of Shakur Basti, who have been left homeless.

“The DUSIB and the officials of regional commissioner are doing the needful. We are looking into their papers as well. We are gathering information and our team is working there,” he said.

Meanwhile, a blame game erupted over the demolition drive with the Aam Aadmi Party Government accusing the Centre for the midnight demolition, saying that the action was initiated by the Centre in coalition with the Congress.

“Delhi Congress leader Asim Mohammed Khan has taken DDA’s land to build an illegal zoo in Kalindi Kunj. The High Court on May 2, 2012 had asked the DDA to evict that land and after they failed to do it, the court has issued contempt order. The information that we have is that DDA is withholding it due to the interference from a Central Government Minister,” Vishwas told the media here.

“DDA is not concerned about this, but are keen to evict poor people dwelling in slums. The DDA which comes under the BJP-ruled Central Government is trying to save a Congress leader,” he added.

On the other hand, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal met with the Railway officials today to discuss the demolition drive and the death of the child living in one of the shanties. (ANI)