Delhi reports over 800 dengue cases in November

New Delhi: As many as 260 cases of dengue were reported in the national capital in the week ending November 24, compared to 271 in the previous week, taking the total to 811 so far this month, according to a municipal report released on Monday.

As per the latest report, 2,406 people have been diagnosed with the vector-borne disease in Delhi so far. However, the number is less than last year’s which was 4,556 for the same duration.

Around 1,114 new dengue cases had surfaced in October.

So far, only one death caused by dengue has been confirmed in which a 13-year-old girl from Wazirabad area succumbed to the disease on September 18 at Hindu Rao Hospital.

In 2015, Delhi saw its worst dengue outbreak with more than 11,800 cases and 60 deaths, according to the city’s civic bodies.

As for malaria, 16 new cases surfaced last week, taking the number of total cases to 28 till now. In October, 130 malaria cases were reported in the city, according to the municipal report. So far, 466 malaria cases have come to light, while last year it was 569.

Only 4 cases of chikungunya emerged this week in the national capital, taking the number of total cases so far in November to 21. As of now, 154 chikungunya cases have been reported in the city compared to 541 in 2017.