Delhi Police spent approx. Rs 24 Lakhs for Najeeb’s advertisement

New Delhi: The Delhi police has reportedly spent Rs 24,6,600 in advertisements on the missing person of Najib Ahmed, a first-year student of Biotechnology in Delhi University at Jawaharlal Nehru University.

The probe carried out by the Delhi Police since Najeeb’s disappearance in October 2016 until May 2017 yielded no substantial progress following which the case was later handed over to the CBI.

But now after two years after Najeeb went missing from the university hostel, the CBI is planning to end the investigation.

With no substantial progress with CBI, the Delhi High Court directed the agency to file the report in the court but the petition was dismissed by the Bench of Justices S Muraleedharan and Vinod Goel, seeking Najib’s mother to move the CBI to the Special Investigation Team.

An RIT query in the expenses made by Delhi Police in Najeeb Ahmad’s disappearance revealed Rs 24,55,600 lakhs were spent in all.

Najeeb Ahmed who went missing after a brawl with ABVP members remains missing till this date while no action has been initiated against the members who thrashed Najeeb in Mahi Mandvi hostel in the campus.