Delhi Police to release sketches of accused in Mukherjee Nagar molestation case

New Delhi : Unable to identify the two men who had allegedly tried to molest a girl in northwest Delhi’s Mukherjee Nagar area, Delhi Police will now prepare sketches of the accused and share these with the locals to trace them.

It has also decided to conduct a sensitisation drive in the area which is a hub for students who prepare for competitive examinations like UPSC, banking and others.

On the basis of the description given by one of the constables present at the spot, sketches of the two accused will be prepared and shared with the coaching centres, hostels and PGs located in the area, a senior police officer said.

“One of our constables remembers their faces and we will be getting their sketches done and these will be put up in the area. There are high chances that they are students staying in the area who are preparing for competitive exams,” the officer said.

A video of a mob running amok and attacking policemen with stones after they prevented two men from assaulting a woman on New Year eve had surfaced on Thursday.

Two men in yellow and blue jackets allegedly tried to pull down a woman riding pillion on a motorbike near Batra Cinemas, investigators had said.

Noticing the incident, police had cautioned the two men, who appeared drunk, against indulging in hooliganism, and they were even caught, but after the crowd went berserk and attacked police, they managed to flee, police sources said.

There were around 20-30 policemen deployed in the area and when a mob of 250-300 persons gathered, policemen had to retreat to a nearby police post, they said.

The mob banged on the windows of the post and damaged them, prompting the policemen to seek reinforcement.

As soon as extra force came, the mob retreated but police managed to catch hold of 24-25 people who were detained and were suspected to be involved in the stone-pelting.

“Their names and addresses have been taken down. A couple of them were people who run PGs and a few of those detained included students,” said a source. Police are also trying to identify the girl whom the accused tried to molest.