Delhi police questions IYC prez BV Srinivas on COVID relief; ‘not scared’, he says

New Delhi: The crime branch officials of the Delhi Police on Friday questioned Indian Youth Congress (IYC) president Srinivas BV on the relief works he is doing during the second wave of COVID-19 infections.

“Police called me this morning and came to my office around 11.45 am. They questioned how you are doing it,” he said, as quoted by PTI.

However, the Delhi Police said the questioning has been done following a Delhi high court order.

The high court has directed the city police to conduct an inquiry into politicians involved in distribution of COVID-19 medicines and other items, after an PIL has been filed by one Dr Deepak Singh about politicians involved in “illegal distribution” of COVID-19 medical aid.

Responding to the questioning, Srinivas said: “We will not stop our work, we are not scared.”

“We have not done anything wrong, if our smallest efforts can help save a life we will not stop or be scared of such PILs,” Srinivas added, as quoted by NDTV.

Earlier, AAP MLA Dilip Pandey and Delhi BJP spokesperson Harish Khurana among others were also questioned in a similar way.

Every second person in need of help for resources are approaching BV Srinivas, who is leading #SOSIYC helpline on Twitter. Over 1000 volunteers work for the campaign, who assist those in need with finding leads on hospital beds, Remdesivir injections, oxygen cylinders and the like.