Delhi Police holds self-defence summer camp

New Delhi: Age was no bar at a self-defence summer camp organised by the Delhi Police, with the sessions witnessing participants as young as five to those aged 50.

The camp, hosted by the Special Police Unit for Women and Children, commenced from May 24 and concluded today.

As many as 6,094 women have been trained in these camps.

According to an officer, 976 boys have attended gender sensitisation training programmes.

Delhi Police commissioner Amulya Patnaik was present at the event where some women showcased self-defence techniques learnt during the camps organised at four schools across the city.

“Such programmes not only make the participants self- confident but also help in disciplining oneself and keeping fit.

“Self-defence training will help women to defend themselves from anti-social elements who try to take advantage of them,” said the officer.

Under the programme, the girls were being trained to make use of things like dupatta, pen, handbags to protect themselves from attacks.