Delhi: Police arrest father-son conmen duo

New Delhi: The Delhi Police on Tuesday arrested a father-son conmen duo from Dwarka for duping a garment exporter of Rs 1.43 crore.

The allegations against the duo, Virender Mohan Brar and his son Nitin, suggest that they sold a machine, which they called, ‘Rice Puller’ (RP) to the victim while claiming that they will arrange the sale of the machine to agencies, like the space organisation of United States of America, NASA, and India’s Defence Research Development Organisation, which would fetch him (the victim) as much as Rs 37,500 crore.

The RP is just a copper plate or utensil coated with liquid magnet. Boiled rice is filled with small iron wires and the cheats fooled their victim by claiming that the object is a rare piece of copper, which is struck by thunderbolt in the hills of Uttarakhand, which enables it to pull rice and the same is being used by NASA/DRDO in advanced space research.

The accused individuals lured the victim by claiming that their company could arrange the sale of the machine to the aforementioned agencies after testing its genuineness, which would be conducted by scientists, and some chemicals would be imported for the same.

Virender told the complainant that he would pay Rs 10 crore immediately as ‘token money’ if the test was found OK and also showed cash to the complainant. After that, the victim entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Virender Mohan Brar and paid Rs. 5.6 lakh, 19 lakh, 24.6 lakh and Rs. 38 lakh for arranging special anti-radiation suits to be worn by scientists during testing, fees of scientist, for obtaining chemicals required for testing etc.

Thereafter, the testing of the said ‘RP’ was scheduled in Hapur, Uttar Pradesh, but could not happen as the accused persons made an excuse that the place was not conducive, following which, they said testing was delayed by them on one or another pretext.

At the same time, other associates of the alleged seller of the ‘RP’ mounted pressure on the victim for finalization of the deal.

This led the complainant to again enter into a MoU with the company and again paid Rs. 5.6 lakh, 3.5 lakh and 42 lakh on different occasions to purchase a special suit for the scientist, his fees and for the chemicals required for the test, which was due in Dharamshala now. But again, the testing was not conducted by the accused persons stating that the sky was not clear.

Later, the victim came to know that the said scientists were working with the accused persons for a monthly salary of Rs 20,000, and that the entire scheme was a sham.

During the investigation, the ‘RP’ copper plate, alleged anti-radiation suits of NASA and a few anti-radiation chemical stickers were recovered from the possession of the arrested accused persons along with a laptop, printer, blank letterheads of Rehan Metals/USA, chequebooks, fake ID cards of Rehan Metals and one Audi car. (ANI)