Delhi: Parents blame school for inapt security post rape

New Delhi: A day after a man was nabbed for allegedly raping a six-year-old girl at a government school here in Gole market area, parents of a number of students studying there highlighted loopholes in the security measures implemented in the premises.

One of the parents, who was part of the protests staged outside the school on Friday, questioned how the accused in the case was allowed to enter the premises without making an official entry.

“Even women have to register their entry before going inside the school, how did a man enter just like that?” the protestor asked while speaking to ANI.

The accused, an electrician, allegedly took the six-year-old girl inside a pump room of the school on Thursday and raped her there.

The incident came to light after the minor’s mother found that the victim was profusely bleeding. The girl was immediately rushed to a nearby medical center, a medical report from which confirmed rape.

This case of negligence from school authorities has come to light just a few months after the Supreme Court rolled out guidelines and advisories to all states pertaining to safety and security of children in the wake of the murder of a seven-year-old boy at Ryan International School in March.

In the guidelines, the judicature had clearly mentioned that the school management should compulsorily insist for police verification certificate with antecedent and address verification while appointing/hiring teachers, physical instructors, lab technicians, drivers, janitors and other support staff including the security.

It also mentioned that the school management should make security guards go round the entire campus and classrooms after the school is over to ensure nobody is there in the class.

The court had also ordered the school management to install sufficient CCTV cameras in its premises, entry and exit gates. (ANI)