Delhi: A narrow route outside masjid adds fuel to old fire

NEW DELHI: A narrow under-construction passage at the South Delhi’s Jamia Faridiya Madrasa, where an eight-year-old Mohammad Azeem beaten to death adds fuel to old fire.

On October 26, Azeem, a native of Mewat in Haryana was a student at the madrassa allegedly beaten by four boys following a scuffle between two groups of minor boys over a disputed plot of land that lies outside a madrasa.

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A vacant land in front of the madrasa in Begumpur is the root cause of the scuffle as the masjid claimed it belongs to it whereas the residents of the colony say it is public.

Mosque-goers on Friday evening claimed that they were pelted with stones by residents of an adjacent colony. The quarrel is reportedly over a route led to a clash that continued for 30 minutes in which at least four people were injured. Two separate cases have been lodged.

According to DCP (south) Vijay Kumar, to limit the tension, a passage was proposed for colony residents. “With the consensus of both parties, work on the passage was started a week ago. But residents alleged the mosque administration was delaying the work, which then led to the clash,” Kumar was quoted The Indian Express as saying. Kumar added that police will remain deployed at the spot.