Delhi Minorities Commission Notice to police over lynching of madrasa student

New Delhi: Delhi Minorities Commission has issued a notice to the DCP South over the lynching of the eight-year-old student Muhammad Azeem of Begumpur’s Jamia Faridia madrasa.

Azeem was killed by young children of the area on 25th of October. The DCP has been directed to submit his report within ten days and to include in his report who have been arrested for this crime and what action police took over previous complaints by madrasa authorities.

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DMC has also directed Delhi Police to facilitate the repair of the boundary wall which was broken by miscreants, facilitating the intrusion of miscreants and drug addicts into the madrasa area at night. DMC has directed that if police force is needed to repair the wall, same should be provided to the madrasa authorities so that a major source of friction in the area is tackled.

DMC has also decided to write to Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi, to pay a suitable compensation to the parents of the murdered child. It has also decided to send a notice to the Hindi daily Navodaya Times which has published a fake report blaming the madrasa students themselves of the young child’s murder.

Courtesy: Milli Gazette