Delhi: Mentally unstable woman severs head of her 8-year-old son

New Delhi: A 29-year-old mentally unstable woman had severed head of her eight month’s old toddler and was found sitting with the toddler’s mutilated body in her lap on Friday morning in Delhi’s Aman Vihar.

The incident came to light when the father of the toddler found his wife alone with the toddler’s dead body in their house.

The Police arrested the mentally unstable woman dentified as Sarika who was hospitalized to undergo treatment for her self-inflicted injuries in an attempt to commit suicide after killing her child.

“The woman is semi-conscious and we haven’t been able to speak to her, but she has been violent even at the hospital,” said MN Tiwari, deputy commissioner of police (outer Delhi).

The woman, Sarika was undergoing her treatment for the behavioural disorder at Lady Hardinge Hospital for some years now after she smothered their elder son four years ago when he was just two months old.

Her shocked husband recalling the incident which happened four years ago said, “She had smothered the baby by sitting on his chest. I was shocked, but realised she was ailing and took her for medical treatment.”

But the family members of Sarika suspect that though she was undergoing treatment at the Hospital she had lately begun visiting some Tantrik and they believe he has must have talked her into committing such a gruesome act to her own son.

The husband found their single-room house door locked from inside on Thursday night on returning home from work. Though he called her out she did not respond and later went to his parents house which is nearby. His two daughters were also at his parents house sleeping.

It was on only after returning home the next morning, the Husband reportedly climbed the wall into their room and was petrified to see his wife sitting with mutilated body of his son, Chirag.

“She had severed his head and smashed it with a pestle. She had also ripped open the stomach. She probably tried to kill herself too and had stabbed herself a few times,” narrates Shankar.

His parents, neighbours rushed to the Shankar’s place when they heard him shouting.

According to Sanjay Gandhi Hospital Doctors Sarika must be suffering from postpartum depression and psychosis which led her to such a gruesome act as that.

The toddler’s body was sent for an autopsy which will handed over to the family today.

DCP Tiwari said, “We have registered a case of murder and initiated a probe. The woman will be counselled once she regains her mental health.”