Delhi: Man writes to Commissioner of Police justifying his instant triple-Talaq

Delhi: Man writes to Commissioner of Police justifying his instant triple-Talaq

New Delhi: After announcing instant -Triple Talaq to his wife, a Delhi resident has written to Delhi Police commissioner justifying his divorce saying he was forced into the marriage under threat from his wife’s family.

He claimed in his statement that his wife’s family had forced him to marry her under threat and compulsion. He said few police officials were also involved to get him married.

The letter was sent through his counsel BS Chauhan saying the marriage was held inside the Police station by calling a Qazi.

He adds that his former mother-in-law arrived at his house alleging molestation and threatened to book rape charge against him if he does not agree to marry her daughter.

He now seeks action against his former’s wife’s family members including the Police officer’s who took part in performing the marriage in the Police Station.

His counsel speaking on the case said, “Since the nikah was performed under threat and compulsion in the police station without the wishes and consent of my client, hence, my client did not have any other option except for talaq as per sharia law.”

The man recently got out on bail since the former wife has filed rape charges against him and claimed in the court that she was a minor when he sexually assaulted her in told the court she was a minor when the sexual assault had taken place.

This Muslim divorce has become a controversial topic for the past few months with SC’s involvement and now with Lok Sabha passing a Bill criminalizing instant triple talaq.

Since the constitution gives freedom to practice religion, criminalizing divorce of one community while other communities divorces fall under special laws does not seem a promising solution to Muslim community women since criminalizing the instant triple talaq does not provide any sort of rights to the women who had been divorced.

Making this divorce practice a punishable offense would not yield the victimized women any rights.

The Lok Sabha has yesterday passed the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill rejecting opposition’s demand of scrutinizing of the same by standing committee of Parliament.

The other parties like RJD and Samajwadi Party have also given their nods referring the Bill to the Standing Committee.

The Bill has to be passed by the Rajya Sabha now before it could be forwarded to the President of India for making it a national law.

(With inputs from agencies)