Delhi: Irked over loud music, man throws phenyl on 8, including 6 children

New Delhi: A 70-year-old man allegedly threw floor cleaner on eight persons including six children as he was apparently upset over the loud music being played by them in northwest Delhi’s Bharat Nagar area.

The accused, Vinod Kumar, told police that the children, who reside in the slums near his house in Shakti Nagar extension area, were playing and creating a lot of noise.

He said that he had warned the kids but they didn’t pay heed to his warning and continued shouting, said a senior police officer.

Kumar alleged that the families, who reside in the slums, start bonfires that cause a lot of smoke and suffocation and in the past, he used to throw water on them, he said.

Today, around 2 PM, the children namely Aniket, Suresh, Sooraj, Adarsh, Kamal and Karan were playing near Kumar’s house and “creating nuisance” which irked him and he threw floor cleaner on them, said the officer.

Aniket’s mother Babita and Babli, were also present at the spot and they also came in the way of the floor cleaner, he said.

The persons didn’t suffer any major injuries but their skin developed rashes and redness and they were taken to the hospital from where they were later discharged, he added.

Kumar is being questioned by police and a case has been registered against him.