Delhi Hate Crimes: Kashmiri family beaten for ‘feeding stray dogs’

New Delhi: The police have started an investigation after a Kashmiri family of five members including four women were allegedly beaten up by 30-40 people on Thursday night for feeding stray dogs in Southeast Delhi’s Siddharth Extension.

According to the victims, some of the alleged attackers were armed with hockey sticks. They also said that the mob shouted anti-Kashmiri slogans. The matter came to highlight after a video was shared on Facebook by Delhi-based NGO, People for Animals (PFA). The video shows an injured woman on the road, identified as Azra Muzaffar trying to resist attacks of women as well as of men who can be seen surrounding her holding sticks.

“The complainant is an avid dog lover and animal rights activist. There have been more than 50 complaints and counter-complaints against the residents of Siddharth Enclave and the complainant,” a police official was quoted as saying. An FIR under different sections has been lodged, the police said.

Attacks were due to their Kashmiri identity:

The victims alleged that they were targeted because of their Kashmiri identity. A victim said that the mob raised slogans like ‘Kashmiri terrorists should be sent back’.

Meanwhile, People for Animals in a post said that victims’ Muslim identity might have contributed to the incident.

“An animal lover ‘Azra Muzafar’ and her brother and sister has been brutally beaten by society people yesterday in Siddhartha Extension pocket C, Delhi. She looks after the dogs in the colony and for a long time society people have been planning to kill dogs and animal lovers.

President S N Pandey has issued a letter where he stated that he and other residents will unite together and take action in their “Self Defence”.

Just because they are muslims, they have been harassed and molested for a long time. They have torned their clothes. (sic)

I request you all to help this lady.

Azra and her sister and brother are in a shock, they have got fractures and injuries. MLC was done yesterday.”

(With The Wire inputs)