Delhi govt suggests Centre to consider artificial rains

New Delhi: The Delhi government today suggested the Centre to consider engineering artificial rain over Delhi and the NCR region which are grappling with record- breaking levels air pollution.

At a meeting between the Centre and NCR states, Delhi Environment Minister Imran Hussain said “the Centre should consider (engineering) artificial rains.”

However, Union Environment Minister Anil Madhav Dave said there is a need to examine its “workability”.

“We will have to examine technical aspects and its workability. The Aviation Ministry will also have to take a decision. The area involved will be vast…more than 50 kilometres. So, we will seek details from the Aviation Ministry. If it is possible, we will take the necessary steps,” he said.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal while enumerating the steps his government will take to fight pollution had yesterday mentioned that his government had received a proposal on artificial rain through cloud seeding.

“We have asked the Chief Secretary and the Environment Secretary to work with the Centre and assess its possibility and effectiveness,” he had said.

Artificial rain is produced by spraying clouds with substances like silver iodide or solid carbon dioxide. It helps increase precipitation and disperse fog.