Delhi continues to remain canopied under thick smog

New Delhi [India]: A thick layer of smog canopied the national capital earlier this morning leading to hazardous pollution levels.

The air quality index of Delhi’s Lodhi Road area fell under ‘severe’ category with high particulate matter at 10 and 2.5.

Various areas, including Dwarka, India Gate, Dhaula Kuan and R.K. Puram are covered with thick smog.

In view of rampant air pollution, people at various places in Delhi are wearing masks during morning walk.

School students are finding it hard to commute with fall in visibility and air quality as moisture combined with pollutants shrouded the city in a thick cover of haze.

“I am wearing a mask as my throat is itching because of the smog,” Raja, a school student told ANI.

Another student said, “We are facing problems. I have been experiencing itching in my eyes and throat”.

In the wake of Indian Medical Association (IMA) declaring “public health emergency” in Delhi due to hazardous pollution levels, experts have warned people to avoid outdoor physical activities like cycling and jogging.

Delhi woke up to a blanket of smog on Tuesday with air quality touching hazardous levels.

Air quality index was very severe with high particulate matter at a 2.5 level at many places.

Air pollution poses a major health risk and can cause stroke, heart disease, lung cancer, and chronic and acute respiratory diseases.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 92 per cent of the world’s population lives in areas where the air quality is below as per its standards.

About 88 per cent of premature deaths occur in the low and middle income countries, where air pollution is escalating at an alarming rate. (ANI)