Delhi children suffer most from cancer: Study

New Delhi: Delhi topped the chart in cancer cases among children followed by Chennai, says a premiere medical research body.

According to a report released by the Indian Council of Medical Research, the national capital topped the list in cases of cancer among children in both the genders.

Lymphomas and leukemias were one of the major cancers seen in Delhi children.

Following Delhi, Chennai topped the list for cancer among boys while Thiruvananthapuram saw maximum number of cancer cases among girls. Kollam stood third in number of cancer cases among children.

The report further said that Delhi saw the rise of cancer cases among males, of which 10.5 per cent were related to lung cancer, mouth (6.9), prostrate (6.7) and tongue cancer(6.5 per cent).

Among females, breast cancer topped the list with 28.6 per cent, followed by cervix (10.8), gall bladder (7.9), ovary (7.2) and uterus (3.55 per cent).