Delhi: Chand Bagh Muslims protect temple by forming human chain

NEW DELHI: After three days of violence in northeast Delhi, the area’s residents gave a message of harmony and brotherhood by saving a temple from being vandalised.

The incident was reported from Chand Bagh, one of the worst-affected areas, where an elderly man and several other local residents formed a human chain around a temple and saved it.

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“It would have been shameful for us if the temple would have been damaged,” said the elderly man said.

A 30 -year-old local resident said, “We have ensured that nothing happens to the temple. We also ensured that no damage happens to the shops of our Hindu brothers.”

“If we would not have protected the temple, it is we who will be blame and the whole locality would get destroyed,” said another woman.


Another example of Ganga-Jamuna Tehzeeb was witnesses in Muslims dominated Maujpur where the people from the minority community have been seen guiding the temple.

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People sitting outside the temple so that no rioters from outside come and do any damage to the temple.

Such stories coming up after communal hatred, violence and arson coming in from northeast Delhi speaks of easing of tension in the area.

Seelampur: Locals offer food to security forces 

Meanwhile, residents of Seelampur, one of the worst affected areas in the violence that engulfed northeast Delhi, have in a gesture of solidarity offered food and tea to the security forces deployed there.

Gaurav, who lives near Welcome Metro Station, told IANS: “We are taking care of all those people who are providing security in our areas. We are also offering food to needy people. Following the deteriorating situation, shops have been shut.”

“We are with them (security forces) and will serve them till they are here,” he added.

There has been heavy deployment of security forces including the police, CRPF, BSF and the RPF in the area.

However, on the fourth day on Wednesday, since violent clashes erupted in northeast Delhi following protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act, the situation started returning to normal.

The violent protests have claimed the lives of at least 23 people and left dozens injured. After the situation worsened on Saturday evening, shops were set on fire and people were looted by unidentified miscreants. Following this, Section 144 was imposed in some sensitive areas including Jafrabad, Maujpur and Seelampur.