Delhi café employee arrested for duping customers of Rs 6 lakh

Delhi: A staff member of Farzi Café at Connaught Place was arrested for allegedly cloning customers’ credit and debit cards to withdraw around Rs 6,03,500. The police on Tuesday registered an FIR against the employee based on a complaint filed by HDFC bank. The accused is absconding.

HT reports, all the transactions were done when customers had their cards. So, the Delhi Police officials suspect it to be a case of card cloning. Credit card cloning is a method by which someone obtains credit card details and copies them onto a duplicate card and uses it to make transactions.

Cloning of the cards is an easy technique, which needs a swiping machine which is easily available in the market. The information comes on the machine while swiping the card, and can be copied on another fake card.
Waiters, shop assistants, courier boys and even MBA graduates have been arrested in the past for stealing vital information, making clone cards and spending crores of rupees.

The café said it had first brought the case to the police’s notice on April 15 and identified the suspect, Mohammad Badrul Islam Barduiya, their employee. “We started an internal investigation as soon as the bank alerted us about the incidents. Through the CCTV footage of our restaurant, we were able to identify the suspect. He had been absconding for almost a month before the information even reached us. We tried several times to contact him but we couldn’t. Barduiya is a native of Assam and had stopped showing up for work from mid-March,” said Zorawar Kalra, owner of the café.