Delhi businessman strangled to death at farmhouse, 5 robbers arrested

New Delhi: A 38-year-old businessman was strangled to death by robbers when he resisted them at his farmhouse here early on Thursday, police said. Five robbers have been arrested.

Investigators said the incident occurred between 1 and 2.30 a.m when the robbers barged into Rohan Gupta`s two-storey farmhouse in south Delhi`s Chhhatarpur area by scaling its wall.

In its preliminary investigation, police found out that the robbers first entered the ground floor of the farmhouse where Gupta`s parents were asleep.

“The robbers sedated the parents using chloroform and started collecting cash and jewellery. A few robbers went to the first floor where Gupta was sleeping,” a police officer said.

The men attempted the same modus operandi on Gupta. But he woke up and started fighting back.

“In the scuffle, the culprits strangulated Gupta to death,” the officer said.

One of Gupta`s neighbours called the police after he sensed something amiss at Gupta`s house.

Police personnel who rushed to the scene surrounded the farmhouse and caught five of the accused – Ajay, Vipin, Vinod, Shivnath and Vinod Kumar. One of the robbers is believed to have escaped.

Gupta`s domestic help and another staff along with the security guard who was deployed at the main gate of the colony were being interrogated to get information about a suspected insider who might have helped the robbers.

The arrested men told police that they had not intended to kill anyone.