Delhi: In a brave attempt, student snatches pistol from thief at petrol pump

A thief tried to attack and threaten a man at gunpoint on Sunday near a petrol pump in Delhi’s Shahdara but his attempt to loot foiled by a student named Karan Chowdhary who snatched his gun.

Karan said that on Sunday morning at around 6 am he left for his institute and stopped his bike midway to fill petrol when he moved a few steps ahead from the petrol pump, he was attacked by a man who asked for his bike’s keys at gunpoint.

He has been praised for his brave attempt and a CCTV footage showed that he did his best to stop the attack by the man.

Karan stated that “He asked me to give him my bike keys but I refused to do so. I stepped down from my bike and ran away from the spot to seek help from people at the petrol pump; they all refused to help and went away from there and locked themselves in a room.”

“However, I fought with the miscreant all alone and snatched a pistol from his hands. Then he immediately ran away,” he added.