Delhi: Bodies being cremated at parking area of Ghazipur cremation ground amid surge in COVID-19 deaths

New Delhi: Amid the spike in the COVID-19 deaths in Delhi, some people were forced to perform the last rites of their relatives at the parking of cremation ground in Ghazipur in the national capital.

The cremation ground is receiving almost 50-60 bodies daily, including the bodies of non-COVID patients. People are claiming that they have to return back multiple times as they are not getting space in the cremation ground.

“I came here on Sunday also, bodies were lying everywhere and they had to burn bodies in the parking area. When I asked if I can get space for the cremation of my family member, they denied and asked me to come tomorrow,” Vikas who had come to Ghazipur on Sunday as well as Monday told ANI.

“My deceased family member was COVID negative,” Vikas added.

Similarly, a local social worker Sawaraj Pradhan said that the situation is not good at all.

“Earlier average 14-15 bodies used to come here but now 50-60 bodies are coming daily from various places. Last rites are a time-consuming process and this place has only limited area for bodies. Yesterday, people had to burn bodies in parking area since they did not get place at the main area,” Sawaraj Pradhan told ANI. 

Even staff at the crematorium is also suffering as the number of bodies every day for cremation increased drastically. 

“If this rush was for few days, we could have managed, now it is happening daily and it will be like this for more days. We are also tired badly, you have to wait,” a staff found telling this to families who had come to perform last rites of their family members.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday announced a six-day-long lockdown in Delhi amid the surge in COVID cases in the national capital.