Delhi: Armed robbers loot passengers near Shakur Basti train station

New Delhi :Armed men entered a Delhi-Gorakhpur express train that had slowed down near the Shakur Basti railway station in Delhi and looted cash and valuables from passengers, police said.

The Gorakhdham Express slowed down before entering the Shakur Basti railway station around 8.30 PM on Sunday when around seven-eight men entered the train, police said.

They looted passengers and even stabbed two men who tried to protest, said a senior police officer, adding that the two men were carrying Rs 40,000 and Rs 70,000 respectively and they were robbed and attacked.

The miscreants jumped off the train when it reached the station, police said.

The injured passengers were taken to a hospital, police said.The station doesn’t have CCTV cameras.