Delhi: 233 challans issued on first day of Odd-Even scheme

New Delhi: 233 challans were issued on the first day of the Odd-Even scheme rolled out by the Delhi government in a bid to reduce air pollution, Delhi Traffic Police said on Monday.

Earlier in the day, Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said that people of Delhi had complied well with the scheme as only 192 challans were reported till 2 pm.

“There has been a high level of compliance by the people of Delhi. A total of 192 challans have been filed by the authorities till 2 pm; 170 by Delhi Traffic police; 15 by Transport department; and 7 by SDMs on the road,” Sisodia told reporters at a press conference.

“In a city in which around 30 lakh vehicles ply every day, if only half of the vehicles – which is around 15 lakh vehicles – are plying on the roads due to the Odd-Even scheme, then 100-200 challans are negligible,” he added.

Sisodia also said that Delhi’s air quality has improved since Sunday.
“Today Delhi’s air is cleaner than yesterday. In the morning, PM2.5 was 562. By 4 pm, it dropped to 93. It is not just Odd-Even scheme which has helped but it is certainly one of the many factors which helped to counter pollution,” he said.

Air quality in Delhi dipped to hazardous levels and a thick blanket of smog covered the national capital after Diwali.