Delhi: 10 years of blood shed, 17 lives claimed, two gangs finally calls a truce

New Delhi: It took ten long years and 17 deaths before the two gangs could call a truce in Delhi’s Yamuna area.

Gang leaders Abdul Nasir(33) met his rival gang in the presence of families from both sides, clerics in northeast Delhi on Monday to end the enmity between the two gangs.

Gang leader Nasir met is rival gang’s cousin’s since Irfan alias Chhenu Pehalwan (34) is currently in Jail.

When the DCP( northeast) Atul Thakur was asked to comment he said: “We are not aware about any such development.”

According to the Police, the two gangs have been fighting over betting business’s supremacy since 2010.

The two gangs war involved in claimed many lives which also included the murder of Delhi Police constable who was shot dead at Karkardooma court in 2015, following which both the gang leaders were taken into Police custody and confined in Tihar jail.

However, Nasir got out on bail on medical grounds while Chennu remained in Jail.

One of the family members present at the meeting speaking to Indian Express said: “A day after he got out of prison, Nasir sent a message seeking a compromise and called a meeting at a mosque. But he did not turn up on time. He was then busy with his wedding till June 1. On Monday, another meeting was called. Family members of both gangs and 10 maulvis of different mosques were present. Chhenu’s cousin sorted matters with Nasir. They decided to divide their operating areas or start working together.”

The compromise, however, was not satisfying for the elder brother of Mohammad Wajid (35), who was shot dead in Brahmpuri.

According to the police, Nasir and his younger brother Nadir Hayat started supplying illegal arms to local criminals in 2004.

Senior Crime Branch official said: “In 2007, Nasir began operating a betting business and TV cable network in northeast Delhi.”

Nasir, later on, came in contact with another criminal, Hashim Baba who was a rival to Aakeel Mama and Chhenu of Seelampur.

It was when of Nasir’s associate Aatif who eloped with a girl of a businessman Haji Mateen worsened the matters even more between the gangs.

“Mateen was financially helping Aakeel, who killed Aatif in Jaffrabad. Since then, the rivalry intensified and Mateen was killed by Nasir in 2012,” said an officer.

At least five people have been killed over the next past few years with at least five people killed on both sides.

The Police said after Nasir came out on bail while Chhenu remained in Tihar Jail, Nasir conspired with four juveniles to kill Chhenu when he was being produced at Karkardooma court. “The juveniles opened fire. Three bullets hit the constable, who died at the spot. Chennu and a court clerk were injured,” said the officer.

Nasir was later arrested the officer added.