Delegation of Majlis Dawatul Haq visits riot victims in Shamli

Shamli: A 3-member delegation of Majlis Dawatul Haq visited Shamli for relief work of riot victims. The delegation was led by President Majlis Maulana Abdul Sattar Salam Qasmi. The delegation reached camps of riot victims near Kairana and talked to them. They got acquainted with the problems confronted by the victims.

It must be noted that the clashes between the Hindu and Muslim communities in Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh, India in August–September 2013, had resulted in at least 62 deaths including 42 Muslims and 20 Hindus and injured 93 and left more than 50,000 displaced

There are many villages in the area where not a single Muslim has returned home yet. They are still staying in various camps.