Delegation of Jamiat Ulama meets national security advisor on Assam citizenship issue

New Delhi: As the last date of final decision on citizenship issue is drawing near which is June 30, restlessness prevails among the people as they worry about their future. Meanwhile, the district coordinator of NRC has issued a very disturbing direction, according to which citizenship of relatives of D voters or declared foreigners is also doubtful and will be reinvestigated.

Besides Panchayat Link Certificate and private school certificate, even reliable copies of voter lists are also being rejected on some or other pretext.

A delegation of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind led by Maulana Qari Mohammed Osman Mansoorpuri called on National security advisor Ajit Doval and home security and discussed the said issue in detail.

It must be noted that Assam already has 1,41,965 D voters and 53000 DF. If their relatives are also made doubtful then the number is likely to cross 10 lakh.