Dejected lover murders five-year-old daughter as a lesson to father

Mumbai: A Dejected woman by her married lover murdered his five-year-old daughter by strangling her in women’s toilet in Gujarat’s Navsari station.

A 22-year-old woman was arrested on Wednesday for kidnapping a five-year-old girl from outside her Nalasopara building on March 24 and strangling her in a women’s toilet at Navsari station in Gujarat.

The murderer identified as 22-year-old Anita Waghela was in a relationship with the minor victim Anjali Saroj’s father who is a truck driver.

Infuriated at Anjali’s father Santosh’s rejected, Anjali resorted to taking revenge on him for making her abort her two child’s and refusing to marry her.

Police Inspector Kishore Khairnar from Tulinj said, “An hour after the abduction, Santosh sent a text message to Waghela asking her if she had kidnapped Anjali. But he did not mention this to us and now he has lost his daughter.”

The Police took action against the suspect Anita and launched search operation to nab her. The six Police teams in action finally arrested Anjali on Wednesday, Toi reports.

Saroj’s father Santosh, was in an illicit relationship with Anita a labourer since she was a teenager. Santosh’s wife reportedly left him when she learned of their affair in February and returned to her hometown Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh with their two-year-old son leaving Saroj with her father.

When the Police interrogated Anita she told the police that she took the extreme step to teach Santosh a lesson for refusing to marry her by killing his daughter.

She said she was waiting to lure Anjali on 24 March when she found her playing with her friends outside her house at Sai Arpan building in Vijay Nagar, Nalasopara (E).

Anita who waiting outside the building for Anjali since 6.30pm, lured the children playing with chocolates and soft drinks.

When she managed to take the children along with Anjali to Vijay Nagar Naka, Anita sent the children to buy more chocolates.

After sending the other children off to buy more chocolates, Anita left the place with Anjali.

Though Santosh had not revealed the complete story, a CCTV footage showed Anita walking away with Anjali.

On seeing the video footage Santosh managed to hide the truth refusing to know Anita.

Inspector said, “Though the images were hazy, the woman was seen limping. Santosh was having an affair with Waghela since 2011. It is not possible that he could not have identified her.”

After kidnapping Anjali, Anita took her to Borivli via local train and later boarded a different train to Gujarat. She gave Anjali pills to make her unconscious. On reaching Navsari station she carried unconscious Anjali in her arms and reached the ladies toilet on platform number 1. There she strangled Anjali and left to return Nalasopara leaving Anjali’s body in the ladies toilet.

The Police have now lodged a case of Kidnap and Murder against Anita.