Dehradun: 4 held with huge cache of ammunition

Dehradun: Four persons, including three women, have been arrested with 8000 bullet cartridges, including 119 live bullets, in Dehradun.

The police and Special Operation Group (SOG) team arrested them in the wee hours of Thursday from different locations.

The Army Intelligence, local Intelligence Unit and Intelligence Bureau are interrogating the four people, identified as Mustkim, Seema Sahni, Shiv Kumari and Pinky.

Mustkim was arrested with 119 live ammunition measuring 7.62mm and 1600 bullet cartridges, Seema with 2300 bullet cartridges measuring 5.56mm, Shiv Kumari with 2300 bullet cartridges measuring 5.56mm, and Pinky with 1970 cartridges.