Defend democracy, secularism to fight BJP: CPI-M

New Delhi: The CPI-M on Thursday found fault with “many opposition parties” for not putting forth “an effective alternative platform which defends democracy and secularism without any compromise” in their fight against the BJP.

An editorial in the CPI-M journal “People’s Democracy” said the April-May battle for the Lok Sabha “is going to be the most consequential election in the history of independent India.

“Much is at stake,” the Communist Party of India-Marxist said. “This election will have a bearing on the future of the secular-democratic Republic as enshrined in the Constitution.

“Five years of Modi rule have already weakened and eroded the basic principles on which the Constitution rests. An authoritarian Hindutva State looms ahead if the BJP succeeds in coming back to power,” it added.

The editorial said that it was “necessary to put forth an effective alternative platform which defends democracy and secularism without any compromise and sets out socio-economic policies which are a genuine alternative to the Modi government’s rightwing economic policies and reactionary social outlook.

“This is something which many of the secular opposition parties are lacking in. This must be taken up by the CPI-M and the Left. They should put forth such an alternative platform and rally all other secular and democratic forces around it.”

The editorial accused the Modi government of imposing a “predatory neo-liberal regime which has heightened economic and social inequalities, increased the economic exploitation of the people and deprived the minorities and Dalits of social and political justice.

“The elections are being held at a time when the economy is in the grip of a crisis in all sectors – agrarian, industry, trade and employment.

“It is, therefore, necessary to bring the focus on the main issues which are of concern to the people and their lives,” it said.

To hide its failures, the BJP had fallen back on rousing “jingoistic nationalism” in the aftermath of the suicide bombing in the Kashmir Valley that killed 40 CRPF troopers, the CPI-M alleged.