Defence Minister rebukes Minister for asking her to end her speech

Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Friday strongly criticized Karnataka’s minister Sa Ra Mahesh intervention when he asked her to end her speech.

Sitharman was addressing a press conference in Kodagu district after she paid visit to the flood-hit state to review Indian Army’s relief operations in the state on August 24 when she lost her cool at Minister Sa Ra Mahesh for asking her to end her speech due to lack of time, IBT reported.

When Mahesh asked her to end her speech she immediately retorted by saying she is following the plan prepared by the district administration and therefore she cannot be blamed for the delay.

“Minute to minute programme, Minister… I am following that and if officials were important then my family is also very important. A central minister is following the minister in-charge. Unbelievable,” she said.

“You have the list of a minute to minute to follow. If you had a difference of opinion then you should have sorted this out before and not put me in an embarrassing moment. I am doing as per your schedule,” she added.

And when she was told that the conversation was being recorded, she asked the media present at the venue to record it since there was nothing that she wanted to hide.