Deepika Padukone’s fashion brand launches its first campaign

Bollywood actor and fashion icon Deepika Padukone’s fashion brand for women, ‘All about you’ in association with Myntra has recently launched its first brand campaign highlighting its core philosophy.

Centered on the theme – ‘You are your biggest strength’ and can conquer anything when ‘you are with you’, it celebrates an individual’s personal strength as she takes on personal and professional challenges in life, devoid of all external influences.

The words – ‘feminine’, ‘romantic’ and ‘carefree’ – encapsulates the essence of ‘All About You’ and is inspired by the style of Deepika Padukone and celebrates the modern femininity of Indian women.

The new campaign is backed by a TV commercial that illustrates, through the lives of three young women, how one can conquer any predicament in life when “you are with you.”

Deepika herself is seen in a contemplative mood just minutes before delivering a talk. She takes a pause to “believe in” herself, leaves out the script and confidently walks to the stage and delivers her speech from heart.

The second story is about a guitarist who is preparing for her first music class as a teacher and is seen preparing for her big moment across the streets of Kolkata. Just before opening the door to her classroom, she waits a second to “be herself” and goes on to take a wonderful class, conquering her students’ hearts on the very first day.

The third story is of a young Goan, who is in a happy nervous state, preparing and contemplating for a big moment in her personal life. We see her going through ferry and then she meets the guy, she takes a moment to just believe in herself again and proposes the guy.

All the three stories are interwoven together to form the beautiful narrative that tells of uncertainty and fear at each beginning but each of them eventually gain strength from within as they take a moment to be on their own.

The 30-year-old actress and fashion icon expressed that she was excited each time ‘All About You’ is launched.

“I have been deeply involved with AAY from design to execution and being part of the brand’s first TVC was an exciting and emotional experience,” she said in a statement.

“The new campaign demonstrates and reinforces the brand’s core philosophy of inner strength, modern femininity and elegance,” she added.

The fashion model also took to social media to share her delight.

“eventually,the only thing we can do is believe in ourselves…#TereSaathTu #AllAboutYou,” she tweeted.

‘All About You’ is inspired by the style and elegance of Deepika Padukone and believes in celebrating the “panache and grace” of every woman.

“Today’s fashion buyers do not compromise comfort for trend. With apparels being increasingly considered as a powerful medium of expressing oneself, personalized fashion is slated to be the next big thing,” said Gunjan Soni, Chief Marketing Officer and Head, International Brands Business.

The new campaign, crafted around Deepika’s fashion philosophy ushers a “seamless connect” with the youth.

“We are delighted to join her journey in creating fashion which does not diminish but nurtures an individual’s style statement,” she said.