Deepika padukone auctions clothes she wore at Jiah Khan’s funeral, gets trolled

Mumbai: Actress Deepika Padukone keeps making it to the news one way or the other and this time around she is back on headlines but for all wrong reasons.

The actress runs an online website ‘The Deepika Padukone closet’ where she sells some pieces from her personal wardrobe, the proceeds of which goes to support The Live Love Laugh Foundation.

Well, recently Deepika shared few pictures of her that instantly grabbed netizens’ attention. Deepika donned two kurtas for sale and both the items that she put up on sale had a tragic story attached with them.

The first Kurti was designer pin tuck Lakhnavi kurti, which Deepika wore to Jiah Khan’s funeral while the other one was a kurti that she wore to Priyanka Chopra’s father’s prayer meet in 2013.

Within no time, the netizens massively trolled Deepika for her act. A netizen wrote, “I am so shocked.. my favourite Deepika Padukone has auctioned her non couture clothes from 2013.. I repeat 2013 that she wore to different funeral events. Low blow!”, while the other one said, “Who the hell buys old,second hand zara or Jhuttis for god’s sakes!!!! Rather why would you sell it and not donate this to the needy… classless! Sheesh.”

“Don’t justify this by telling me she is doing it for charity.. you cannot be reselling Zara’s .. jhoothis…10 15 year old ordinary brand clothes.. Why can’t you just give it to needy or your househelp?”, said a user. “Fans of these actors are immense. They will do anything for them: these clothes are actually being sold for a paltry sum and their fans will obviously buy them,” commented another one.

One user wrote, “Such a cheap act.. For everything they go for donations with PR all over but she couldn’t even donate her old clothes?? What kind of ppl go and buy these second hand stuff.. crazy .” “They’ll do anything to swallow bucks! We middle-class folks give away clothes every now and then. And then too, we’re sensitive of what we pass on, what state the clothes are in, and how old/new they are. India survives on our taxes and our charities,” reads another comment.