Decor tips: Style your home with minimalist furniture

NEW DELHI: Millennials today want to live light, eco-friendly and not spend much on material possessions, so make sue you are following the trend.

Harsh Dhand, Founder and CEO, RentSher, and Sameer A.M., Founder and CEO, Bonito Designs, share tips for the same.

* Get the whole home painted with white based colour to bring in spaciousness to the entire home and get rid of as many wall hanging elements as possible

* Throw in pictures, photo collages and posters with a white frame around them and grey inlay.

* Bring in Scandinavian seating furniture to inject the feel of minimalism

* Restrict the colour palette used in the decoration of the space to a maximum of 2-3 colours (variations of which of course can be used)

* Exchange your colourful curtains and liners with a semi-transparent white/pale white or any pastel shade based colour

* Use mattresses instead of beds because they are light, can be moved around and light on pocket

* Opt for multi-purpose tables. A sturdy table can be used for work during day, coffee talk in evening, dining needs at night

* Rent for events. Even if you have friends and family coming over, it’s better to rent for event needs like extra seating and bedding. Short term rental platforms can provide even for a night or weekend, that too with hassle-free delivery

* Use a multi-purpose couch. Beds that double up as sofas or friendly couches are preferred

* Don’t buy cheap Medium-density fibreboard (MDF), rather rent sturdy furnishings. MDF has an issue with moving around and re-assembly. On the other hand, teak for wood and sturdy furnishings can be moved around as many times as you want