Decor essentials to attain the perfect home

NEW DELHI: We are all guilty of swooning over plush celebrity homes while flipping through a magazine or scrolling through our feeds. The best way to bid adieu to the humdrum appearance of your home and transform it into a swanky haven is by re-creating its finer aspects. This could include altering the colours or even combining a plethora of elements to yield a resplendent aura.

Ashwini Vaidya Gupte, Head of Design from SPACES and Arshi Mukri, Design Expert from Pepperfry share some exciting ideas to turn your home into the most exotic retreat!

* Walls: Go natural and make a statement with the walls of your room. Painting your walls in soothing pastel shades such as mint, dusty rose or beige is the easiest way to bring about a hint of drama while still upholding minimalism in your abode. You could also try the wallpapers or murals on just one wall, while colouring the others in pastels to create a deeper effect.

* Bedsheets: Since bed is the focal point of the room, a perfect bedsheet creates harmony in the bedroom like nothing else. You can hardly go wrong with a floral and light colour bedsheet. However, for those who like a splash of colour you can also pick from an array of bright hues or Aztec patterns.

* Curtains: Curtains add the requisite charm and take the glam quotient many notches higher. Go sheer with the curtains to let in the soothing monsoon wind and some natural light into your living room, whereas for your bedroom take a break from traditional patterns and simple blinds by investing in chic looking textured drapes in a variety of opaque hues to match your décor scheme.

With an extra-wide curtain, you can sweep it to the side during the day to embrace the asymmetry.

* Cushions and Pillows: Exuberant cushions and throw pillows in floral or tropical prints, especially in bright pinks from rose to fuchsia, are excellent statement-makers for the season. Due to the ease of storage and smaller size, it is simpler to have multiple sets of cushion covers to keep creating different looks in the room based on your moods. Floral designs, lemony green and tropical colours rejuvenate a room and create a perfect hangout in the house.

For those looking at more ethnic designs, paisley motifs work very well.

* Curios and showpieces: Choose metallic curios in bejewelled tints to enliven the ambience with the cool vibe their surface exudes. In the living room, place delicate statement pieces handcrafted from wood paired with intricately carved gramophones and table clocks placed on barren console tables to add a vintage dimension to your hearth. If you wish to add a surreal earthy vibe in your room then place crystal curios alongside geometrical vases with blooming daisies.