A decade and a half of selfless service by IFRF, Haryana

Gurgaon: Formed and registered under the Bombay Public Trusts Act 1950, ISKCON Food Relief Foundation (IFRF) is a not-for-profit, non-sectarian charitable Public Trust. IFRF under the brand name “Annamrita” has been successfully doing selfless service of providing nutritious cooked meals to the Municipal and Government aided schools, free of charge.

The word “Annamrita” means ‘food as pure as nectar’ and IFRF, Haryana justifies the same through its virtuous work of providing nutritious food full of mother’s warmth to the underprivileged children. With the aim of providing Satvik Aahar to the children, IFRF ensures healthy food with right nutrition to the children that help them in their formative years.

Over the course of time, many notable figures have been a part of IFRF’s noble cause. On the occasion of her 44th birthday, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan sponsored meals for 1,000 students for a year under the Mid-Day Meal Programme run by “Annamrita”. Other notable figures like Hema Malini and Sheila Dixit have also appreciated the work of IFRF in the past.

Former President, Pranab Mukherjee has appreciated the selfless work of ISKCON Food Relief Foundation of serving mid-day meals to government school children. Vice-President of India, Venkaiah Naidu wholeheartedly showed appreciation for IFRF’s Annamrita program as well. Since, the commencement of Mid-Day Meal Programme in North India in 2003, IFRF has reached a milestone of providing meals to nearly 2.5 lakh children around more than 2000 schools on a daily basis.

With the state-of-the-art high-tech mega kitchen, IFRF is the first in the mass meal category to be accredited ISO and HACCP certification. This mega-kitchen ensures the good quality of the food which can be judged by the fact that each worker has to pass through a medical checkup after every six months. It ensures that worker doesn’t have any kind of skin or respiratory disease which may be hindrance to maintaining the hygiene of the food.

Under the Mid-Day Meal Programme, the food provided to school children is packed with all the important fibres, vitamins and nutrients essential in the growing age of the child. Many students coming to such schools are unable to get 3 time’s meal at home. Through this Mid-Day Meal, one nutritious meal a day brings thousands of children to school. For such noble deed, UN World Food Programme (UNWFP) also supports and appreciates the organisation’s North India Chapter.

The Mid-Day Meal serves as a saviour to many underprivileged children for whom the meal we provide may be the only meal they receive in the entire day. Different varieties of meal are prepared for the children to maintain their taste and interest. The meals are customised as per the regional or local taste of the area.

IFRF Haryana, not only feeds the children, it provides them the food with good moral values and ethics, thus imparting positive thoughts to them. This selfless service done by ISKCON Food Relief Foundation is appreciated by teachers and students alike. Good thoughts, nutritious food and a bright future, that’s what IFRF wishes for every children. (ANI)