Debate over NAMO Governance, bride and groom call off wedding

Lucknow: A couple in Uttar Pradesh, reportedly called off their wedding as they had different perspective towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi Governance. While one member held the PM responsible for India’s economic slowdown, the other disagreed.

It’s heartening to see the younger generation taking politics very seriously. The increased participation in protests and the ever-buzzing social media space is a reflection of the youth seriously participating in the political future of the country. But, in this case the seriousness seems to have gone to another level.

‘A businessman in UP was due to get married to a woman who is a government employee. The duo had decided to meet at a temple to finalize the arrangements of the wedding.

Apparently, everything was going smoothly till one of them raised the topic of the economic slowdown in the country. While the woman went against Modi, the man spoke for Modi and refused. Soon a heated argument followed and the two decided to part ways,’ according to a report in Times of India.

The fight concluded by duo’s decision of not get married! Well, while the Nation’s violence is on par, PM Modi can now successfully add ‘Splits Villa Executive’, in his list of achievements. Isn’t it?