Deaths of Sirisha, SI still shrouds in mystery with differing theories

The deaths of beautician Sirisha in a photo studio at Filmnagar and Kukunoorpally police Sub-Inspector Prabhakar Reddy in police quarters recently continues to be shrouded in mystery with the police and family of both the deceased making contradictory statement regarding the twin tragedies.

It may be recalled that Sirisha, beautician-cum-HR manager working in RJ Photo Studio in Shaikpet (Filmnagar), was found dead in the studio in the early hours of June 13, while SI Prabhkar Reddy allegedly shot himself to death with his service revolver in the police quarters a few hours later on coming to know about the beautician’s death.

After preliminary investigations, the police claimed that Sirisha’s was case of suicide and in this connection studio owner Rajeev and his friend Shravan were arrested. The reason that drove her to extreme step was attributed to the incident that had taken place in Kuknoorpally Police Station where SI Prabhkar Reddy allegedly tried to sexually assault her. Rajeev and Shravan were charged with abetment to Sirisha’s alleged suicide. Both were remanded to 14-day judicial custody and lodged in Chanchalguda Central Jail.

Regarding SI Prabhkar Reddy shooting himself with his service revolver in the police quarter, the investigating officials concluded that he had resorted to end his life fearing of being accused of trying to sexually assault Sirisha in his quarter. However, while the investigating officers in both the cases concluded that they committed suicides, the family members of both Sirisha and Prabhakar Reddy have a different theory all together.

The beautician’s family members, including her husband assert that Sirisha, being a strong-willed person, could not have committed suicide. They alleged that it was a case of culpable homicide and accused Rajeev and Shravan in this regard. To justify their claim, they pinpointed various loose ends in the police theory. Likewise, SI Prabhkar Reddy’s family, including his wife, asserted that his was also a case homicide, though in the beginning it was claimed that he might have taken his life due to harassment by senior police officers.

Thus, the deaths of both the beautician and the Sub-Inspector are seeped in deep mystery and becoming controversial and confusing with each passing day. In order to gather more information in the death of Sirisha, the police sough and took into their custody Rajeev and Shravan from judicial custody. After interrogating them separately and together for two days, the police again produced them before the Nampally Court and were sent back to judicial custody till June 30.

During the course of two-day grilling, the police seemed to have extracted details about the happenings in the Kuknoorpally Police Quarters where SI Prabhkar Reddy, Rajeev, Shravan and Sirisha had met. After the intense interrogation, the police seemed to have surmised that the beautician was beaten up, tortured and humiliated.

The police on the previous day also recorded the statement of Tejaswini, another woman, whom Rajeev wanted to marry and with whom Sirisha seemed to have had a fight in the love triangle. The investigating officers are continuing their probe in the death of Sirisha to gather the needed evidence in support of their theory that she had committed suicide.

Meanwhile, Additional DGP Gopi Krishna, who has been asked to probe into suicide of SI Prabhakar Reddy, submitted his report to DGP Anurag Sharma today. The report seems to have confirmed that the SI had committed suicide in panic after learning Sirisha’s death. (NSS)