‘Death threat card’ generously used by the ‘saffron party’

PM Modi’s journey from a tea staller in Gujrat to world’s largest democratic nation India’s PM has been quite good so far.

The BJP party leader is now gearing up for the upcoming 2019 general elections.

At the tender age of eight, he got associated with RSS, a much powerful right-wing Hindu Nationalist Hindutva organization which came into existence in the early 1920’s and only continued to grow stronger each day seeping its way into the Indian politics.

It was his association with this Hindutva promoting ideology organization that pushed Modi to his success with LK Advani choosing Modi to be his Party’s face.

Since already known for his behind the scenes hard work Modi rose to become Gujrat’s CM in the year 2001.

But within months of his election as the State’s CM, the state was caught in crisis with the Anti-Muslims riots where as many as 1000 and more Muslims were mass murdered.

While the whole nation remained silent at the Muslim killings, very few dared to put forth the question of why didn’t the state’s CM take any action to stop the riots and let Muslims across the state get mass murdered.

The Ishrat Jahan fake encounter case in 2004 where a 19-year old student was falsely implicated as a terrorist by the party and officials involved in the fake encounter added to party’s popularity. However, the NIA rejected the claims of Ishrat being a terrorist as fake.

None of the opposition parties took a jab at Modi asking him to step down from his role, and though the state CM should have spoken on the Anti-Muslim riots in Gujarat, Israth Jahan encounter and not to forget the minority lynching’s in the past four year’s tenure as PM or even during his time as Gujarat’s CM, Modi has never received a single death threat.

A prolonged International Modi boycott and the US rejecting the visa to Modi following his controversies made him even more famous which paved his way to the nation’s PM post.

It was only during the times of the saffron party’s crisis did the ‘death threat card’ is used by party leaders.

Many leading news sources who have openly spoken about it, have now gone mum about it.

To garner votes, sympathy, the saffron party has always remained to secure the top-first position following the party’s victory in elections.

With the upcoming Lok Sabha elections slated for 2019, the death threat card is indeed being played again for the party’s immense success.