Dean of Diplomatic Corps flags concern over Delhi Pollution

New Delhi [India]: The Dean of Diplomatic Corps, Frank Hans Dannenberg Castellanos on Friday said the toxic smog over New Delhi is a matter of serious concerned for diplomats as well as tourists coming to India.
“The pollution has impacted the life of diplomats as it has impacted the life of every citizen in Delhi. As a diplomat, we are concerned for our tourists coming to India and the nationals living here. But this doesn’t affect only us,” Dannenberg Castellanos told ANI.
He further said he will be meeting Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) officials today on the pollution issue.
“We will meet MEA and discuss measures which were taken by other countries facing similar problems,” he added.
Dannenberg Castellanos further said, several embassies have contacted him regarding the issue and they will be bringing it up as well.
He asserted that the MEA doesn’t control the issue of pollution.
“MEA is not the one that can control this issue. I hope we can suggest some suggestions to the authorities for some solution and will try to make a joint statement in the afternoon, on the same,” he added.
In Delhi, the content of particulate matter, PM 2.5, in the air has been quite high, often crossing 500, while the safety limit is 50. The PM 2.5 is responsible for respiratory problems and reduced visibility. (ANI)