‘Dead’ woman wakes up in mortuary

New Delhi: 40-year-old, woman presumed to be dead and kept in the mortuary, sprang back to life in Vandanmed, a village in Idukki district. Rathnam was suffering from jaundice and was undergoing treatment at a hospital in Madurai for the past two months. Her internal organs had failed. The doctors had told that it was pointless to keep her at the hospital because she wasn’t recovering and had asked her relatives to take her home. The family members then took her to Vandanmed. While taking her there in an ambulance she showed no movement due to which the relatives thought she is dead. So they decided to keep her in a mortuary. After almost an hour, the relatives noticed her breathing and showing some movement.

According to the police the family members did not get a confirmation from the doctor or the hospital about her death before shifting her to a mortuary.