Dead Sea Creature similar to Loch Ness discovered on beach

Pictures of a dead sea creature similar to legendary Loch Ness Monster are going viral on the internet after it was washed up on a Georgia beach.

Jeff Warren took his son for boating around the Wolf Island National Wildlife Refuge on Friday when he came across a heron biting the dead sea creature. At first he thought it was a dead seal but cutting close in close to the dead creature he saw it resembled the sea monster Loch Ness which has a long neck and small head.

The animal closely resembled to the prehistoric Plesiosaur, an extinct species of large marine reptile.

However according to US Fish and Wildfire Services Director, Dan Ashe some sharks do begin to resemble to Plesiosaurs as their bodies decompose.

While the pictures took the internet by storm, several other theories came up with some people saying it looked like the mythical Altamaha-ha – river monster who lives in the Altamaha River, just west of Wolf Island, DC reported.