A dead pig found on the terrace of a masjid in Bhagalpur

Bhagalpur: Bhagalpur which is infamous for 1989 riots, witnessed a strange incident on Tuesday, September 29, apparently meant to communalise the atmosphere here.This incident is being seen by the public in light of upcoming election.

Showing how communal forces are active again in Bihar as elections approaches.

It began when people notice a body of pig (which is prohibited for Muslims to consume) lying on the terrace near the tomb of Shahi Musjid,Lal Kothi Bhagalpur.

People from the community came forward removed the dead pig and cleaned the mosque, the situation in that area is normal.

Talking on phone, Shahnawaz Alam a resident of the area said “We found a pig half cut on the terrace of the mosque, the situation became tensed when people from community started gathering in the mosque. We removed it and cleaned the mosque.

Meanwhile administration came into action and police personnel are deployed in Lal Kothi.

But the effect of the incident can be seen in Parvatti,where the shops were closed till noon.Parvatti is a place which is at the intersection of Muslim dominated population and that of Hindus.

Ajeet Sharma,MLA contestant from Congrees said over phone- “Why there is a steep rise in such communal incident when election is near? Few days back,they (referring to Ashwini Chowbey) tried communalise the atmosphere of Champanagar.Now when the son of Ashwini Chowbey is loosing the election,he is trying to use his old communal techniques.But I will fight these communal forces and take together the people of Bhagalpur irrespective of caste and religion.”

Bhagalpur is to witness,Bihar assemble elction on 12th,October,2015 in first phase of polling.Ajeet Sharma,Indian Nation Congress is sitting MLA from Bhagalpur who is in neck and neck fight with Arjit Shashwat Choubey son of senior BJP leader Ashwini Chowbey.Arjit is not so popular in Bhagalpur politics and is lifted because of his father.

(Hedayat Ulla is an independent researcher in political sociology.)

courtesy “Muslim Mirror”