Dead man returns to life while placed on pyre

Aligarh: In an event that some people may call ‘miraculous’, a man who died some days ago, returned to life a few hours before his last rites performed. The incident happened in a village of Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh District.

Ramkishore, a resident of Kirthala village under the Atrauli police station area, was declared dead. His family members who were mourning over his death had started preparing for his last rites.

When Ramkishore’s body was placed on wooden blocks, he reportedly woke up and started talking. At first, the family and relatives were surprised but soon become happy to know that he was alive. Villagers are calling the whole incident a miracle, TOI report said.

Meanwhile, 53-year-old ‘miracle man’ said: “The God took me by default, and later sent me back.” Refuting the claims of a miracle, doctors termed it as something that had already taken place before.

Media-in-charge of the IMA, Dr Pradeep Bansal, said “sometimes it happens that the heartbeat and breathing get too slow and the person goes into a deep coma. People assume the man is dead when in reality he is still alive.”

While another doctor, Dr Sanjay Bhargav said that “without an ECG no one can be declared dead”, adding it is not the first time something like this had occurred.